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Purcellville Dental
Timothy A. Smith, DDS
609-T East Main Street
Purcellville, VA 20132
Telephone: 540.338.0110

Children's Dentistry Purcellville VA • Dental Sealants Dentist • Kids Dentist Virginia

Family Dentist Purcellville VA • Youth Dental Care • Family Dentistry Virginia

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Kids Dentist Purcellville VAWe Care About Kids!

Dr. Smith will put your children at ease, no matter age or whatever past dental experiences they have had. In our practice, we use the most advanced treatments and give them with thoughtfulness and care. The doctor promotes good daily dental habits in all young patients, so they keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. Our team enjoys seeing your children from age one throughout their formative years, as they grow and change each year.

Calming Dental Fears

We strive to make sure that all generations of children grow up without anxiety over visits to a dental office. As many parents have told us, we are achieving this goal! Our office is always a happy place to visit that relieves any fears children may have. We will always help you, no matter if you have an active eight-year-old or a scared two-year-old.

Children's Dentistry in Purcellville VAChoosing Your Child’s Dentist is Like Choosing
Their Pediatrician

Children’s teeth are more susceptible to cavities than adults due to many factors. Often they do not brush well by themselves. We encourage parents to be a part of their daily dental hygiene so they develop good habits. Kids tend to eat throughout the day, which results in extended exposure to acid (whenever you eat, acid is produced) that can produce more cavities.

If a tooth is already not as clean as it needs to be, decay will have a faster rate of development when exposed to more acid. With better dietary selections, improved hygiene, and an application of fluoride varnish to protect the teeth, the occurrence of cavities can be greatly reduced.

Prevent Dental Decay - Dental Sealants PurcellvillePreventing Child Tooth Decay – the Easy Way!

You may be aware that children don’t always do a good job with daily dental care. Even if they’re diligent, the deep grooves of back teeth can still allow bacteria, acids, and plaque to build up until decay eventually sets in. Any amount of decay means the tooth is permanently damaged and will require a filling. The good news is that there is a way to prevent this from happening. One quick and easy application of dental sealants will be a big preventive measure against decay.

First the teeth are cleaned, then sterilized. A clear coat of the sealant is applied to the entire surface of each tooth. A curing light is used to bond the sealant to the tooth. And that’s it! The entire procedure takes only minutes, and it is one of the best preventions against cavities for both children and adolescents. Best of all, no shots are given and no drilling is necessary. The entire natural tooth remains intact.

Your entire family deserves a healthy smile! Give us a call today at (540) 338-0110 to schedule a visit for everyone.

Children’s Dentistry
Children's Dentistry Purcellville VA 20132 - Dental Clinic
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